Xin Chào is composed of a group of individuals who desire to connect the Vietnamese culture to ourselves and to the world.

Our mission is to provide a platform to enrich the community and to inspire dialogue.

Our name, Xin Chào, is simply Vietnamese for “hello.” It is how we greet each other and begin sharing our stories.

What is Xin Chào about?
Xin Chào aims to connect the Vietnamese culture to ourselves and to the world by sharing stories of the Vietnamese-American experience. Our mission is to provide a media platform to enrich the community and to inspire dialogue.

What kind of stories do you feature?
Every story has the potential to resonate with people; the more varied the narrative, the greater the possibility for connections to be made. We don’t focus on any particular topic, but rather, we draw out major themes in everyone’s respective experiences.

Who runs the magazine?
Xin Chào was started and operated by an independent group of community volunteers, most of whom are Vietnamese-Americans who come from all types of backgrounds and with multifaceted skillsets. We are driven by a common desire to share our unique cultural perspective, from Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese, as a means to document the community’s growth over time.

How do I contribute to the magazine (help, support, get involved, etc.)?
There are many ways! Of course, the most effective and direct way is to make a donation. Any amount would be appreciated. You can help promote Xin Chào online by “Liking” and “Sharing” our Facebook page with your network. If you feel like you have a special skill or connection that may be beneficial to our cause, let us know too!

Who writes for the magazine?
Unlike most magazines, who only accept contributions from experienced writers, Xin Chào is intentionally open to writers of all levels. Your story is what’s important to us and we believe “good writing” to be a subjective and elitist barrier to those who want to share. Our team of editors will work with you throughout the writing and editing process, from finding a unique angle at the start to the final draft. We also accept poetry and artwork as well.

Can I advertise my business with Xin Chào?
We currently do not advertise because our focus is on highlighting the stories first. However, business sponsors are greatly appreciated and will be featured in the magazine and online. For more information, please visit our Sponsors page.

Where does your funding come from?
Funding consists of individual donations, business sponsorships, and we are actively seeking out grants. Our work would not be possible without the generous patronage of supporters, so please contact us with if you’d like to contribute to our effort!