Vietnamese Family Tree Poster and Coloring Sheet

Vietnamese culture places a high value on familial relationship and connection. One of the most obvious ways this value shows itself is through a complex system of titles and pronouns that we have for family members. Everyone, even far-extended relatives, is referred to by their appropriate title or pronoun, never just by name.

During the Tết season, when family and relatives gather and visit each other, it’s especially important to know what to call the people one might see. We hope this Vietnamese family tree will help you navigate the myriad of pronouns that exist in our language.

Many variations on this system exist among different regions and even from one family to the next. What you see here is not meant to be all-inclusive and only aims to highlight what is most commonly found. To know exactly what pronouns your family uses, ask your parents or grandparents and make your own family tree.

Here you’ll find the original poster and a blank worksheet to fill out your own tree. It would serve as a great activity for little kids during family gatherings this Tết season. Enjoy!

P.S. Contact us if you are interested purchasing a framed poster of the family tree!


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